Dimplex CDFI1000P Opti-myst Pro 1000mm Cassette


Overall Size: 40.125″ wide x 12″ deep x 9″ high

Installation: Recessed, open-air

Wiring: Direct-wire; optional plug-in

Heating Range: N/A

BTU’s: N/A

Volts: 120

Product Details


Dimplex CDFI1000P Opti-myst Pro 1000mm 40″ electric fire cassette features flames made of water. Dimplex CDFI1000 can be used to create the perfect fireplace: any length, any location, and any number of sides. Forget about venting, gas lines and hot glass, because they are a thing of the past with Dimplex CDFI1000P. The revolutionary Opti-myst technology in the Dimplex CDFI1000P reinvents the electric fireplace and makes it easier than ever to add a dramatic fire feature to any space. Single-sided, corner, 3-sided, see through 360° view, the possibilities are endless with Dimplex CDFI1000P, so go ahead — play with fire.

  • Opti-myst® Flame Effect – Revolutionary ultrasonic technology produces a fine mist to create the illusion of flames and smoke.
  • Modular Design – Multiple 20″ (50.8 cm) and 40″ (101.8 cm) cassettes can be combined in series to achieve the desired length for dramatic linear installations impossible to achieve with gas fires.
  • Customizable Flame Width – Includes spacers and slots for customizable flame width and pattern.
  • Adjustable Flame Intensity – Control the desired volume of flame to suit.
  • Continuous Water Supply – Optional plumbed water supply kit provides continuous operation without refilling water tanks.
  • All-day Flames – Fill the water tank with tap water and enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous flames.
  • Crackling Sound Effects – Enjoy a more complete sensory experience with the sound of natural wood fire.
  • Frame, Wire and Finish – Basic installation requires fewer tradespeople, no gas lines, venting or chimney.
  • Zero Emissions – The most sustainable fireplace option; no emissions and 100% efficient.
  • Energy Efficient – Uses low-energy LED lights for low-cost operation.
  • Heat-free Operation – Designed with the sole purpose of providing a stunning visual fire feature.
  • Sight and Sound Remote – Control the flames and crackling sound effects at the touch of a button.


About Dimplex CDFI1000P Opti-myst Pro 1000mm Cassette