Dimplex CDFI-BX1000 Frame for CDFI1000P Fireplace


Overall Size: 44.625″ wide x 16.25″ deep x 31.75″ high

Installation: Recessed; 1-sided or see-through

For use with Dimplex CDFI1000P Optimyst cassette only

Product Details


The Dimplex CDFI-BX1000 frame allows streamlined installation of the CDFI-1000P Optimyst cassette. With the heater incorporated into the Dimplex CDFI-BX1000 frame, you can increase the functionality of your CDFI-1000P Optimyst cassette. The Dimplex CDFI-BX1000 frame is designed for one-sided or two-sided see-through installations. Dimplex CDFI-1000P sold separately. See also the Dimplex GBF1000-PRO, for combination CDFI-BX1000 frame plus CDFI-1000P cassette.


About Dimplex CDFI-BX1000 Frame for CDFI1000P Fireplace